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created a 2003-compatible database using Access 2010. Everything works great when running with 2010, and I can open the database fine with 2003. However, as soon as I open a report or form with 2003 that contains a subreport/subform I get the "Microsoft Office Access has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." message, and am forced to close the database. I can view everything within 2003 that does not contain a sub.
Oreceive the same error message if I try building a sub inside a main with 2003.
I have tried importing all objects into a new database using 2003, but I receive the same error message if I even attempt to import a report or form that has a sub. Tables and queries import just fine, as well as anything without a sub.
I tried debugging the VBA and found a 'missing' reference, which I forgot to write down, so I'm pretty sure the VBA is OK.
I have also tried the 'Compact and Repair', as well as 'Detect and Repair', with no luck.
I'm running MS Office Professional 2003 with XP (I've tried several different work stations with this configuration), and MS Office Enterprise 2010 with Windows 7 Professional.
ANY help would be appreciated!!
With Access 2007 and 2010 backwards compatibility is iffy. They can run prior version without issue, but developing ones that will work properly in prior versions quite often encounter the type of issues you mentions.
The only idea that comes to mind is to import all the object into a new 2003 mdb (except for the problematic report) and then, using Access 2003, create the report again.
So... did you resolve the "missing" Reference before trying to go on??? The "missing" Reference will not be fixed by Access itself since it already tried...
TW, finding the "missing" Reference and even subsequent resolution of the "missing" Reference does not mean the VBA is OK. References are usually checked first so may be other problems that are not evident as yet.
I will attempt to re-create the missing reference problem tomorrow when I'm at the workstations again. I'll post the steps I took initially resolve it. Thank you for the replies...
Remember to re-compile the code after the "missing" Reference is resolved...
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