Full Version: Can You Print Multiple Pages On A 8.5x11?
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I have many columns but they are short.
Jeff B.
Not a lot to go on...
hich version of Access?
What's the data source for your report? What's the general design of your report?
I did you use the Access report wizard to help you set it up?
A2010. Is it possible or not.
Jeff B.
I'll step back. I don't have enough information to be able to offer assistance.
Good luck!
Did you mean "Multiple Pages" or Multiple subreports?
Sorry, I'm not understanding your question.
Yes, you can have multiple subreports on a Report
who's page size is 8.5
Not multiple subreports, multiple pages as written in the title. Instead of having 5 columns on a page, I would like 5 columns and 2 rows, separated possibly by groups. To do so, I wondered if the current feature of previewing multiple pages on screen would have its equivalent for printed reports.
Please take a few moments and define what you mean by "Page" in this context. As you should be able to see by now, we have no idea what that means to you. And you are clearly using the term in a different sense than most people do. We can't help until we know what you are actually trying to accomplish.
It is like an handout in MS Powerpoint.

The slide 2 is the continuation of slide 1 and so on. Replace slide by page.
Odon't understand what is complicated in my title; it is self-explanatory and can not be simpler.
Ah, so you actually meant something like "slide" on a PowerPoint printed page, where you can arrange 6 slides on a physical page.
How are these "logical pages" defined in your Access database? You mention "columns". So how do you propose to place these "columns" on a physical page? You can insert them as multiple subreports, which was previously suggested. You rejected that approach, though. So, the next thing you have to provide is the context in which one of these "columns" can be generated. I think you might have to adopt a strategy more in keeping with the actual capabilities of an Access re
A food for thought.
Just because it's self-explanatory to you doesn't mean it's self-explanatory to everyone else. George already pointed out how your different usage of the word "page" may require additional explanation in order for us to give you correct answer.
Furthermore, if people are having hard time answering your question, you should take it as a clue that there is a deeper reason behind it. Maybe it's in fact a wrong solution, a unnecessary complication, or just plain going against the grain of wood. Mind, you are perfectly to go against the grain if you want but don't expect the final product to be as beautiful. Instead of expecting answer to whether a particular strategy is possible, you'll get much more assistance if you explained more about your needs and why you want your data laid out so and so and how. There may be actually a much simpler solution but we can't suggest it without understanding your process and answering "Yes" or "No" to a strange strategy is a disservice to both of us.
I hope that helps illustrate what we're trying to do here and why we also need you to help us to help you.
Good luck!
The only conceivable way I can think of with what you have given us is when you click the print button in print preview click on the setup button and then on the columns button this will allow you to setup the way the page is printed. You can choose width height and the way they are laid out.
This may not be what your looking for, if it isn't then you need to simply supply us with more information.
Oh please, keep it technical and keep for yourself anything that looks like a moral lesson; I don't care about it.
There is no more additional info that I can give. The only way I found was to use printer properties and some allow to print multi-pages on one. Unfortunately, you can't preview it this way.
Since this thread is going nowhere, mod feel free to close it.
That is what I tried to explain to you setting the printers page properties from the preview page of the report.
Sorry couldn't have been more help.
HAs requested I have locked this post.
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