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I have been working on making my db's kinda secure using 2007/2010 accdb format.
I have found that when I create a brand new accdb using 2010 and then encrypt with pw, I get the following warning:
quot;Encrypting with a block cipher is incompatible with row-level-locking. Row level locking will be ignored."
Clicking OK encrypts and I can open the db using 2010, as expected.
HOWEVER, trying to open it with 2007 gets an "unrecognized db format" error and it never brings up the PW prompt.
What's up with this??? I thought the 2007/2010 files were totally compatible with 2007 or 2010.
Creating a brand new accdb using 2007 and then encrypting with PW does NOT bring up the row-level-locking warning
and opens fine with either 2007 or 2010.
Any idea what's going on here? pullhair.gif
THanks in advance.
Jeff B.
So if you create it using 2010, then expect an earlier version of Access (say, 2007) to be able to understand what 2010 wrote, ...?!?
The underlying data/table/format may be compatible, but you'd need to "save back" from 2010 to 2007 if you want to open it with 2007.
Access 2007 (of course) opens a 2007/2010 format db created in 2010. Always has. Its just that when you encrypt with pw in 2010, I'm finding that 2007
will no longer open it. There isn't any "save back" from a "2010" .accdb to a "2007" .accdb
id microsoft "beef up" encryption between 2007 and 2010??
What gives?
Although 2007 and 2010 "officially" use the same accdb format, the reality is that, under the covers, they are not quite the same. That means, for example, 2010 specific features can render the acdb unusable in 2007.
Jeff ...
>> but you'd need to "save back" from 2010 to 2007 if you want to open it with 2007. <<
There is no option to "save back" to a 2007 format because A2010 does not have its own format ... the latest file format for Access is the Access 2007 format.
Rob ...
>> I thought the 2007/2010 files were totally compatible with 2007 or 2010. <<
That would be nice thought, especially since Access 2010 creates its files using the Access 2007 format. However, if you will be in a mixed environment between A2007 and A2010, the first thing you need to do is modify the 'New Database Sort Order' option {File | Options | General | Creating Databases (heading) }. You will want to change that option to 'General - Legacy' as the first step for creating a db that is compatible with A2010 and A2007 since A2007 does not understand the new 'General' sort order implemented with A2010.
Once you have created a new db in A2010 with the 'General - Legacy' sort order, then import your objects from the previously created db that is in the 'General' sort order. Once you have done that, you must ensure that your objects do not invoke any A2010 design concepts that are incompatible with A2007.
For a detailed listing of what A2010 can do to create incompatibility, check out: Backward Compatibility Between Access 2010 and Access 2007
One more thing to consider.
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And here is another thread here on UA that discusses A2010 and A2007 compatibility ... I think its a good read to understand a few of the nuances with developing in A2010 for use in A2007.
For me, if the environment that will be using the application is A2007 (or a mix of A2010 and A2007) -- I would end up developing the app in A2007, then ensure the FE worked in A2010
Jeff B.
Thanks, Brent (& others)
guess I can count that as my "learn one thing today" lesson!
Ah Ha! So it looks like:
2003 and before: encoding - weak
2007 : Encryption stronger
2010 : 2007 encryption or stronger block encryption
Interesting discussion here:
Cipher discussion
So I guess if you want to run in both 2007 and 2010 clients the easy enswer is to create and work in 2007 and use 2007 encryption and sacrifice
the 2010 highest level encryption., eh?
Thanks, Brent.
That was the discussion link I was thinking about. tyle="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":thumbup:" border="0" alt="thumbup.gif" />
I just started reading the link Brent posted above...OMG!! I'm glad I didn't travel too far down the "develop in 2010" road that I was heading in.
(I just made the decison yesterday, to develop in 2010....Yikes).
nfortunately, there will be one location where I HAVE to develop in 2010 (I pass this front-end around among a number of development machines).
So I guess I'll have to be really careful how I add objects on that platform to make sure I don't all-of-a-sudden make it 2007-incompatible.
Note to self: Develop in 2007 and be very careful when working on my 2010 platform.
You know, if it wasn't for UA, Microsoft would have made me a very unhappy camper with this 2003-2007-2010 transition.
Thanks all,
Some more interesting info on the Access 2007 encryption and its level of effectiveness.
See some of the comments, particularly by Wayne Phillips at the end re: length of time to attack.
2007 default and enhanced encryption
Yuppers. Develop in 2007 to be safe.
've tried doing it the other way around (develop in 2010 and deploy to 2007) and lived to rewrite chunks of the database to be compatible. It's just not worth it.
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