Full Version: Vb References Will Not Save To Project
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I have a database application that must have a reference to Windows Script Host Module to compile. I mark the check box under available references and and it compiles fine. But when I try to create an accde file the reference is lost and an error occurs. I have tried saving the project after making the reference but when I re-open it the reference is no longer active. I need this in order to compile the application into an accde file. Does anyone have any idea why this might be?
Doug Steele
You sure you need the reference? Why not use Late Binding instead?
ost the actual code you've got that uses the Windows Scripting Host module if you have issues converting to Late Binding.
I have been using the Windows Script Host Module and can create an MDE or ACCDE. I also use Late Binding that Doug recommended. The advantage to Late Binding is that you do not have to set the reference. It also helps avoid version issues.
It would also help to know what version of Aces you are using (2007, 2010 32bit, 2010 64 bit) and the version of Windows.
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