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Hi all:
I am trying to build something into my query but need some help.
Oneed to display the smallest number of the three available parameters.
For instance
AST: = 20%
ASN: = 30%
ASQ: = 40%
Then the result (ASP) would be the below
ASP= 20%
I need to display them all in the same query.
Can anyone please assist?
Thanks in advance
Hi Dan,
That version of Access are you using? Knowing the Access version may help us determine a more appropriate response to your question.
Are those fields in your table or data values? Can you illustrate exactly what you want the query to look like?
Not sure if you could just use the Min() function or need a different one.
Just my 2 cents... 2cents.gif
Sorry about that...ACC 2007
The percentages I am trying to find the minimum of are based on calculations in the query.
I just need to display which one is the smallest while showing all three at the same time.
Thanks for your help!!!!
Hi Dan,
Can you post a sample query result? I think I can understand the question better when I can see how it looks like.
Thank you.
PS. Don't forget to use the <code> tags to preserve any spacing/formatting.
John Spencer
The logic using the IIF operator is
IF(A<=B and A<=C,A,IIF(B<=C,B,C))
If you are doing this with calculated fields in the query, then you have to replace A, B, and C with the calculations and not with the field alias assigned to the calculation.
Thank you both for taking the time to respond and assist me.
got it working using John's response.
Again, thank you both and Happy Holiday's!
Hi Dan,
Glad to hear you found a solution that works for you.
John and I are happy to help. Good luck with your project.
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