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I have a table with POC1, POC2 and POC3 and would like to populate a search field with a query that lists ALL POCs, whether they are found in POC1, 2, or 3. Can someone help me write a query that can list all POCs??? If this happens to be too easy, is there a way to avoid duplicate POCs (if they are listed as POC1 in one record and possibly POC2 or 3 in another)?
Thanks for any help you can provide!
Bob G
it sounds like you are running into the problem based on a non normalized DB. Is your table setup like it would be in Excel? If you have the time you may want to fix the DB before going further.
There are many threads here on normalization.
If not, let us know and we can see where to go next
The database is normalized except for this one area. I limit my users to three POCs per Organization in a form, which is more than adequate for our use. So I do have a POC table that captures all the POC details, but my Organization table has three fields for POCs...
Bob G
you could do this a few ways depending on which you are most comfortable with. Create a table where you append the results from a query for each of the 3 POCs at which point you would then have a more normal table to work with.
You could probably do it all with a few queries together but that might be a little more trouble. Or you can write it all in VBA.
It least a few ideas
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