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21 February 2012
I am pleased to announce that UA Editor strive4peace (Crystal Long) passed the 20000 post milestone today.
A Microsoft Access MVP, Crystal joined UtterAccess on January 10, 2004.
Since then, she has provided excellent help to many members, and specifically to me.
Having read & learned from Access Basics by Crystal-- Free 100 page Tutorial
Ohighly recommend it to all individuals who are new to Access.
Please join me in Congratulating Crystal on passing this milestone
in her journey to share her knowledge with all who are willing to learn!
Thanks Crystal!! I owe you tons!!! kisses.gif
Yea Crystal!!
Jeff B.
Whoo-hoo, Crystal
Awesome achievement Crystal - many, many congratulations and a huge thanks for all you do for the Access community - and UtterAccess in particular <
ere's to the next 20k wine.gif wine.gif
Way to go Crystal!! Thanks for your always excellent contributions and excellent help to our members and me personally.
thank you, Cynthia! I love what you wrote! I hope we get a chance to meet someday
Jeff -- thank you < ... can't wait for one of your bear hugs!
Alan -- thank you, ... and also for the difference you made in my life
Glenn -- thank you, it is always a pleasure!
UtterAccess is special. I stumbled in during a particularly difficult time in my life. I did not even know such places like this existed! In the past 8 years, I have met so many amazing people, and learned so much!
thank you, Dave ... and you are close to a big milestone too!
ife gets better every day <
Way to go Crystal!
Hi Crystal,
Otoo learned a lot from your posts and always look forward to reading your contributions.
Not to mention all you do outside of UA, such as your YouTube channel.
Hope to see you around for another 20k and more.
hearty "Congratulations" for your achievement
You're always willing to lend a helping hand and your devotion and professionalism shines through in your every post.
"Thank You" for being so generous with your knowledge.
AvgJoe hat_tip.gif
Smitty -- thanks for your friendship and for stoppin' in! ,,, maybe next time you'll stay a little longer and answer some Excel questions <
bGuy -- thank you very much! By the time I get another 20K, the post count data type will probably be in exponential format to accomodate your count! thanks for all you do
AvgJoe -- I was just looking at a post you made that got no responses ... I wish I knew off the top of my head how to help. Thank you for your kind words < ... and wow! that's a really big fish on your profile!
Thanks for everything you do Crystal. Have a great day and celebrate a bit.
Congratulations, Crystal -- 20,000 is an impressive number of posts.
Best regards always,
Larry Linson, Microsoft Office Access MVP
welcome2UA.gif It's great to see you here. We hope to see more of you.
Congratulations, Crystal -- 20,000 what a number. drunk2.gif
lso thanks for your help in the past ant to the information contained on your web page
Bob G
Congrats !!
There is so much that you offer here at UA and it is always nice to read your posts.
Crystal, I couldn't say enough about the difference you've made in my Access career and the support, guidance and general encouragement that you've given me over the years. I haven't the slightest idea where I would be if it weren't for you.
Congratulations Crystal!
It is amazing to think of the number of people you have helped! Not only here, but also through your tutorial, as well as, your youtube videos.
Here's to the next 20000 posts.
It sure gives newbies, such as myself, quite the bar to aim for!
Congratulations, Crystal! I would bet the number of people you have helped is greater than the number of posts you have made. If everybody I referred to your tutorials followed through, there's more than a hundred right there. I know I have often been the beneficiary of your skill and graciousness.
Graciousness AND Access knowledge, all in ONE individual?! We dare to dream! But then we were blessed with Crystal!
Way to go! woohoo.gif
Nice milestone marker Crystal. Impressive! Congratulations.
Is Napolean Dynamite would say: "I like your your post count, it's real big!"
Crystal's energy, immense technical know-how, contributory acumen and social savoir faire to bring together & introduce several different community members is both inspiring and beneficial to any open mind that encounters her. She is unrivaled in the above mentioned aspects and one of UtterAccess's greatest assets. The world-wide Access community in general is the benefactor of her existence. We are graced to greater degrees with her interactive participation. Thank you Crystal.
Congratulations Crystal wine.gif
That can I say about Crystal that hasn't already been said except you've come a long way girl and don't stop for anything.
for all the support you give to everyone here on UA and every other venue you participate in, which in itself is a great achievement.
Crystal has just helped so many people.
er basics helped me and thousands more.
Thanks a bunch and congrats!!!
Way to go Crystal!!
Thanks for all you do here.
I read your posts/responses all the time. Thanks for all I've gotten from them...
Congratulations Crystal on your 20K posts,
can only echo what has already been said here especially, as David states, that it's always great to find your warm and personal touch.
You were one of the first people to answer my earliest posts and, for me, 'set the tone' for this incredible site, so I stayed ....
Thanks Crystal, for the help you have given me and for the many others you have helped.
Way to go woohoo.gif
John Vinson
Congratulations and best wishes, Crystal!
George -- thank you! I look forward to picking your brain on web databases and SharePoint <
arry -- what a true honor that you joined UA to comment, thank you! Like Glenn and many others, I hope to see more of you!
Lou -- Your simple Form and Report sample, along with many other great basics you have posted, have helped many, thank you
Bob -- thank you, it is nice to be around kind-hearted folks like yourself who give their time to UA
Jack -- wow, thank you so much! You have done tremendous things since you have been here, especially with the wiki. You also inspired me to share my Analyzer, which has gotten me many nice emails with thanks to brighten my day <
Daniel -- I truly hope I have the honor of meeting you someday. Thanks for your kindness and sharing your knowledge. It is good to see you <
Bruce -- thank you, I have benefitted from code you have posted such as positioning forms. I remember the personal thank you note you sent sortly after you joined UA, that was nice. We are glad you are here.
Ron -- your comment touched my heart and made me smile, thank you
Mark -- I'm speechless, especially after figuring all those big words out < I aspire to someday be able to put a fraction of the creativity into my applications that you put into yours. I hope there will be some time for you to show me some of the things you are working on
Glen -- thank you, and also for all you have done to help UtterAccess in the early years and to become what it is today
Milt -- thank you for the kind words. I see you live in my favorite state for collecting quartz < ... I'll be back someday with my rock hammer and a wheelbarrow ...
DougY -- thank you, and for all you do behind the curtain. I look forward to seeing you soon
Brian -- Bet you didn't realize when you joined UA that it was us getting the Christmas present ... you have come a long way in your knowledge, thank you for the help you give to others
Bernie -- I remember when you started posting, asking about fancy code with Word automation. I always enjoy seeing you on a thread, thank you
John -- thank you ... have any arugula? I hope we can talk more about our rootbound friends sometime < I enjoy your wit and learning from your posts
I wish I could jump through my monitor and hug you all! I am thankful for a great place like UtterAccess. I want to give my thanks to those who enable a great place like this exist.
My biggest thanks go to Gord Hubbell, who started UtterAccess when Simon Wolf's "A3" forum needed a place to go. It was a lot smaller back then. Gord wrote the forum code himself in PHP. There was nothing faster! As UA grew, Gord incorporated good ideas that members contributed. UA kept getting bigger and better.
Then Microsoft asked Gord to host a wiki on UA. Gord changed the forum software to accommodate the UtterAccess Wiki, which needs your contributions. Make a goal to submit or add to one wiki article before summer starts! you can do it! no matter what your skill level. Jack, Banana, Mark, Brent, Ace, Alan, Glenn, Cynthia, Walter, theDBguy, and others have done an incredible amount of work to customize how the wiki works and organize the content.
If all of you would share one thing you are good at, the wiki will blossom into an even greater warehouse of information.
Thanks to the moderating team, Alan, Glenn, BananaRepublic, Cynthia, Mark, Brent, DougY, Gord, Glen, George, Jack, Jerry, John, Ken, Martin, Larry, Leigh, Lynn, Walter, Noah, Ricky, theDBguy, Truitt, Van, and James

thanks to the VIPs such as Boyd, Lou, Oli, Scott, Boyd, Doug, Danny, John, William, Harry, Ken, Graham, Jay, Bernie, Luc, Mike, Doug, Bob, Tim, John, Matt, Peter, Ben, Aqua, Brian, Paul, Anthony, Tina, Jimbo, Jeff, Daniel, Craig, Dave, Dane, Adam, Chris, Steve, Garry, Des, Rob, Albert, Dan, Jeff, Coop, Woody, our theatrical "Dr" Dennis, and many more ...

... and thanks to you!

it is comforting to come to a place where kindness pre
I guess, I have missed the party huh!
ongrats on your milestone!
It's really great having you here and in the Access community, your are to me the "sunshine" of UA!
The dedication and the way you helped me and others, is wonderful and amazing and thanks for being the "sunshine" of UA! <
Cheers, and wish you all the best with your continuing efforts!
You go, girl! I tend to wander in and out of here never finding an unanswered question. I don't know how you do it unless you just camp here. iconfused.gif
Daniel -- of course you are not late, it never stops! Thank you for your sunny words. It is nice to see you, you always make me smile <
ill -- My good friend and founder of MS Access Professionals, thank you for sharing your great knowledge, sense of humor, and wonderful personality with the Access community. Thanks for your insightful articles and must-have Properties Setter ... and thanks for popping in to UA <
Congratulations Crysta! You brighten up us all with your kind and positive attitude along with your tireless work helping others. We are so blessed by you!
Pat -- It is so nice to see you here! Thanks for all the time you have put into figuring out SQL Azure and sharing it with us on your AccessTips blog! We hope you will make UA a regular stop ... check out some of the cloudy forums like Access Services, SharePoint, and SQL Server. Your expertise would be much appreciated!
Ok, now 20,000 posts?
Is there a decimal point out of place here?
Golly, I don't know how she does it!
There not a lot of words needed to be said here.
Crystals contributions to the Access community are well know wide and far beyond the walls of UA.
I would be hard pressed to think of ANY part of the world wide Access community who is not aware of Crystal's work and contributions.
In term of Access, she's been (and is) everywhere!
Can we have this song changed to
Crystal's been Access everywhere?
You have without a doubt touched far more people than your 20,000 amazing posts here show!
Albert D. Kallal (Access MVP)
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Thanks Crystal. I am headed to the cloud forums now.
Jack Cowley
For this special occasion I have come out of semi-retirement from Access.... WAY TO GO, Crystal!!! hat_tip.gif
Keep up the excellent work!!
Hiya Jack! thanks for stopping in. Hey don't leave just yet ... you have social skills to teach us geeky types. We miss your light-hearted and funny comments! I learned so much from you -- way more than you ever learned from me about Access. We all love you, Jack!
Jack Cowley
Aw, shucks, Crystal . You are far too kind, but thank you for your warm response!
think I have forgotten everything I ever learned about Access, but with time permitting I may occasionally darken UA's doorway...if only to remind myself about what a wonderful time I have had here.
Albert -- thank you. It is coincidental that you bring up a song by an artist of that era and genre -- I spent the better part of yesterday looping Glen Campbell - Ghost On The Canvas My son added a script for YouTube so I can loop videos and all kinds of other things. He just re-did my website ... a couple people have emailed me to let me know my code documenter link is broken ... nice to know people are looking! it is fixed now. My son also did the menu system for Tony's Auto Front End Updater (which is pretty slick!) -- and it is up! anyway, I digress. You are the single biggest influence in all I have learned about Access web databases, thank you Albert I look forward to a live meeting broadcast ... have to settle for that for now since I won't be seeing you soon
rent -- my dear intellectual friend for life with many children and wonderful wife, I love you all!! I gotta see your children while they are still kids. I loved your Christmas picture, they are so much taller! ... well except for Malachi. I remember Caleia with her sparkly shoes! Now she is probably using those little feet to get into everything! Thank you for your heart-warming words. You are so smart and I have learned a lot from you, thank you, Brent
Jack -- thank you my great friend! you are always there and I think the world of you. Seriously, even though you are not doing much with Access, how about the chat forum? You have a ton of adoring fans and everyone misses you. The new people that don't know you don't even know what they missed! You are one of a kind. When people come here and ask questions, they are often frustrated. You do soooo much to make that go away! ... then the rest of us can teach < Well I could go on and on. It is great to see you here, Jack!
Hi Jack! wavehi.gif
agree with Crystal... We all missed you, and I'm really glad to see you back even for just a bit.
Yours was the warm welcome that I enjoyed when I first showed up here, and I have been trying to share it with every newcomer I encounter.
You are a true inspiration to us all!
Jack Cowley
Howdy, TheDBGuy!!
When you came along I could see the handwriting on the wall...."Smart lad joins UA Forums causing old dude to consider work at a winery instead. Wine has not changed in 2,000 years, but technology is changing faster than 'the old dude'. Consequently, time to pass the torch...." Well, that isn't exactly what I said, and it probably isn't even close, but what the heck!!
Thank you for your happy reply and for picking up the slack here at UA!!
My very best to you and keep those brilliant answers coming!!
Hi, Jack. Hope things are going well for you.
Jack Cowley
Howdy, George!!!
hings are very well. Very well indeed!!! Doing my Saturday job at the winery is taxing, but great fun, as I get to deal with lots of fun and happy people. A lot like the people here at UA!!!
Otrust you are well and that you are getting your fair share of sunny days... Remember, if it is raining it is best to stay indoors... grinhalo.gif
Sir Jack - you're back (if only for a while) !!!!
ou've been greatly missed by all in the UA halls, none more so than be me. I miss our late night banter and tales of yore
Hope things are well for you and yours and the wine cellar is still well stocked and flowing well - and you're enjoying your semi-retirement in the Californian sunshine.
Don't be too much of a stranger my old friend, and drop by now and then for a catch up. Here's to you wine.gif
Jack Cowley
Alan, you young rascal! How wonderful to hear from you!!!
ay, that wouldn't be a beer in your avatars hand, would it? Nah...I didn't think so...
Life is really good and I have missed my many friends here at UA, but I soldiered on. When I realized that Crystal, and many others, were sneaking up on my post count I had to jump back in the race. At least temporarily. To keep the old wine cellar properly stocked I have to put in a fair amount of time at the winery, which is OK, as I l do love my wine.
But there is another liquid that comes from a place Scotland, wherever that is. They make whiskey there. And you know what? I LOVE IT! I guess I am your man for all things alcoholic...
Otrust you are well, working furiously, staying up late and having the time of your life!!!
I can't pass up this opportunity...
ack, though your time here was slightly before mine and I don't have recollection of your direct help in threads, you are easily revered here as a UA Legend, spoken of with awe and amazement by so many that I truly do wish I had the chance to have been one of those to recieve your teachings directly. Having seen previous posts and the help you've offered, it's quite obvious that you are a one of a kind.
Pleased to meet you, Sir hat_tip.gif
Jack Cowley
Hello, Jack -
hope you will excuse the familiarity of my salutation , but UA, as you know, tends to be familiar. And that, in my humble opinion, is one of the many reasons that this is the best Access forum EVER.
Thank you very much for your kind words, as they are truly appreciated.
I'm not sure about being a 'legend', but I have been lurking for a very long time and enjoying every minute of it. Now it is time for me to ask you to do whatever you can to promulgate UA and all it has to offer. There are a few of the old guard still here, but it is up to the newer members to keep this the special forum what it is. That's you!!
It, Sir, has been my pleasure to meet you!!
Holy smokes batman ... it's the old goat, alive and kicking...
You are missed my friend. The wine cellar never looks the same without you around milling with the barrels and the formulation.
Jack Cowley
Tall Doug -
so clearly remember our meeting in San Francisco...over a couple of beers...but I won't mention that part...or the sign you carried....
It feels good to be back with old friends. UA is THE BEST Access forum going with the best and brightest willing to give of their time and expertise. I have been very fortunate to have been able to contribute in my small way....
Memories of Hastings Ranch came flooding back when I saw your post. I wonder why?
Otrust you are busy, happy and continuing to make a positive difference in this world.
Wonderful to hear you Doug. Thanks for being a friend....
Jack how are you doing my old friend?
Been a long time since we bantered back and forth. I have to thank you for getting me interested in wine never drank it till I met you.
Now I enjoy a glass or 2 or 3 you get the idea every night. I even took up making my own.
Don't make yourself so scarce we miss you. wine.gif
Sir Jack!!!!! kisses.gif
o often, when replying to a post, I think "What did Jack teach me about this?" or "How would Jack reply to that?".
We need your wisdom, humor, example, and graciousness around here!!
You have so much to share--
and there is a new generation of UA members that need to know how to skin the Access cat <
Like Alan, I so miss our late night chats!!
In preparation for your long anticipated un-retirement:
1. Light on in corner office--check
2. Steps to UA wine cellar cleared-- check
(may need re-stocked, been sadly neglected it in your absence)
Give me a J
Give me a A
Give me a C
Give me a K
Yea Jack!!
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