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Hi Everyone,
I'm creating tables and relationships for my database and I'm kinda stuck. I have a mug club with only a certain number of mugs 1-200. That number never changes but the person who owns the mug may. So I have a contacts table, mug table, mug club table, and mug renewal table. They purchase the mug and need to renew each year. If they don't renew someone else can buy that mug #. So each month I check which mugs need to renew and sell those that decided not to. I'm not quite sure how to design it so when someone doesn't renew that mug number is available when I go to assign a mug to someone new. I'd like to use forms to navigate through the process. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help, Tammy
welcome2UA.gif Since each mug can be owned by many people and each person can own many mugs (over time), there is a many to many relationship between mugs and people. Therefore you need an additional table to associate them. You will need a field for mug, a field for person and a field for the date the ownership ends..
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