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Hello -
I have a field that looks empty but it's not. If you use Len(), it has a value of 4. And I know it's not 4 spaces. Is there a way I can tell what type of character is in there so I can create another field to match up to it?
Thank you!!
Doug Steele
Use the Asc to find out the Ascii value of each character:
ormat(Asc(Mid([NameOfField], 1, 1), "000") & "_" & Format(Asc(Mid([NameOfField], 2, 1), "000") & "_" & Format(Asc(Mid([NameOfField], 3, 1), "000") & "_" & Format(Asc(Mid([NameOfField], 4, 1), "000")
Thank you, Doug. I got the following result:
My next question is, how do I create a field like that? Should I post that in the Query forum?
tina t
Thank you, Doug. I got the following result

Visual Basic Help in A2003 has a table "Character Set (0 – 127)". Character code 32 is listed as [space] in that table. my guess is that data is being written to that field programmatically, perhaps from an outside source? or via an Append query, perhaps one that has a calculated field where the calculation may return spaces only.
char 32 is a space, so the field does appear to contain 4 spaces.
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