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what is the best designing relation ship in main access windows or wait and create relation ship in query?
You use both of these because they are not the same.
elationships define rules for how records are stored and maintained in tables. So you should use these to ensure integrity of your data.
In queries you create JOINS not relationships. Joins are used to extract and display related data. They do not affect how data is stored in the database. If you add tables to the query design grid, then Access ASSUMES that the join should be based on the same fields as the relationship set up in the relationships window. But this is not always true and sometimes the join has to be deleted and then set up in the required way for the query.
MS confuse the process by including an option for Join Type in the relationships screen. This should be ignored, in my view.
You only specify Join type in queries. Join types are critical in terms of how queries behave and so you have to consider the join type for every join in a query irrespective of any relationships you set up.
I have to 2 table and I do relationship in query between 2 table
I can’t edit data in a 2 table when in datasheet view in query?
My question why I can’t edit data in a 2 table in query
Is there a property or some thing I can do so I can edit in liked table in query
The primary key (PK) of one table should be related to the foreign key (FK) of the other table
Thank you for your new concept that I learn
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