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Good morning,
efore I thought about it I made a list of employees in a table. This table is used for a combo box for various forms throughout the database. Recently one of the employees retired, (end of the month) Instead of deleting the employee out of the table I added a yes/no field labeled "in active" The problem is my common sense stopped there. I can not figure out how to add criteria or what to put on the form controls, to make it so it will not show when "in active" = yes. Do I redo the combo box itself?
The worst thing is I have done this with vehicles, and I can not remember what I did... Wow it is bad when you get old.
Any help is appreciated,
In the row source of the combo box should be an SQL statement. click the the build [...] button and the query design view will come up. add your new field and criteria there. (you can uncheck the show check box.) close and save.
Hope this helps,
Worked wonderful. Thank you. As I said, I had done it with vehicles before, just had a major brain slip, and couldn't remember how I did it. Thanks again.
You are welcome!
And good luck on your project.
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