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Thanks to all of you who replied, helping me to solve my Track numbering problem in my CD database.
How here's another one!
I would dearly love to insert musical symbols in one of the controls. E.g if I enter something like Symphony No.1 in D flat major, then I would like to insert the flat symbol (♭) instead of the word.
Ocan do it in Word by typing 266d (266f for the sharp symbol) and then pressing the ALT and x keys together but it doesn't work in Access. When I press the ALT and x keys in Access it just goes to the External Data menu. I even tried recording a macro in Word and assigning it to keys but that didn't work in Access either.
At present I am resorting to creating the symbols in Word and then using Copy and Paste to enter either of them into the CD database control. I used Copy and Paste to insert the flat symbol in this topic.
I was hoping that someone might know of an easier way to do it, or am I just trying to be too clever?
See if the Music Maker or the Exotic Guitar Tunings demos have any thing for you.
I've got a music font if you want to use that instead.
hope this helps
Lastly - http://www.fontspace.com/search/?q=musical
ostly, I think you will need to find a font that supports both the regular aphabet as well as musical symbols - you cannot mix fonts within a single control in Access.
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