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I am hoping this is the right forum to ask this question in, if not please understand that this is my first attempt to poise a question in any forum. I am getting the error message that follows: "The LinkMasterFields property setting has produced this error: 'The object doesn't contain the Automation object 'tblOrders". I get this message when ever I bring up the sub-subforms and I think it has to do with the linking of the tables but I have the PK set for the tblOrders as the Master Link and the Child link has the same name in the respective linked tables. All links are set as one to many and I have tried with Enforce Referential Integrity on and off and still get the same error message. The database is in 2000-2003 file format and I am using Access 2010 if this makes a difference. Any ideas on where to go from here would and will be greatly accepted.It has been many years ago that I took an Access class and I expect I have forgotten more than I retained. I have attached the database in question.
Actually, no. To attach a database, remove all sensitive data (also, there is usually no need to send more records than needed to illustrate the data and demonstrate the problem). Zip the database (in My Computer, right click >> Send To >> Compressed Folder -- that is in XP, but should be similar with Windows 7). At the bottom of the UtterAccess message window, browse to the zipped database and click the Upload button.
BruceM, Thank you for the information in regards to the attachments.
espectfully, handiman
Morning Handiman,
While you're prepping your DB for us to look at, have you checked the source of your subform ... I'll assume its a query, and guess that perhaps it has "lost" a needed reference field, table or query. A very good possibility that we sometimes break when house-cleaning (deleting something that we thought wasn't used anywhere else).
Hope that helps.
Thank you for your reply and input. I will go back through my subforms and makes sure all required fields are accounted for.
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