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I apologize if I can't express this correctly but here goes ...
I have a table with 55 records (but that can change) containing 3 fields: recordId, report name and link (to the report within Access). I built a subform (continuous forms view) that displays a button and title and when you click on that record, you are redirected.... but the list is long and will be growing, so I would like to have the list "wrap" into multiple columns across the form - so you can minimize the vertical scrolling and do a horizontal scroll as well. Is this possible or do? Thank you.
I've seen that type of request before but can't say I've seen an actual solution for it. Sorry...
Just my 2 cents... 2cents.gif
I'd use a Combobox for this, instead of a Subform. Then, with the Default setting of 'Yes' for the AutoExpand Property, as your users started entering the name of a Report it would be brought up, and selecting it could be used to open the Report.
etting the RowSource of a Combobox to
SELECT MSysObjects.Name FROM MsysObjects WHERE (Left$([Name],1)<>"~") And (MSysObjects.Type)=-32764 ORDER BY MSysObjects.Name;

will automatically populate it with all Reports in the Database.
Linq ;0)>
Thank you missinglinq... I had initially suggested that to my customer but they want to see "buttons" "Title"!
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