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what is best to connect to SQL server express
Doug Steele
I'd recommend ODBC. The new version of Access that's just been released (Access 2013) no longer supports ADPs, so there's no point getting used to them!
Not only that, ADP had too many problems keeping in sync with SQL Server versions. You had to use certain version of Access with a certain version of SQL Server to get all the functionality --- it'll still work if the version aren't right but you're going to have to write T-SQL with no object designer. By that point, you're probably going to be more productive in SSMS than in Access for designing SQL Server objects.
On addition, the usage of ADP is low which means very little knowledge on how it works and therefore not so much literature on internet on how to troubleshoot and/or fix an issue in comparison to fixing a problem with linked ODBC tables.
thanks friends
for the help
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