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Bob G
i have a list box that shows 3 fields in one record. I use this to keep the appearance neat as opposed to 3 separate textboxes.
One of these columns is an email address. is it possible to make that column a hyperlink so when clicked it would open outlook?
also, the data in the table, some of the data is stored as what appears as a hyperlink and some not. I get the data from an excel worksheet.
Anyway of testing the value before I display ?
If you're not opposed to VBA, it could be done by simply coding the Click event of the listbox so that when clicked:
dim newapp as object
dim mailitem as object
set newapp=createobject("outlook.application")
set mailitem=newapp.createitem(0)
mailitem.to=Me.ComboboxName.Column(0) 'or whatever

and the code I'm posting could probably be improved to use GetObject if Outlook already running, which would probably end up being just as fast as a hyperlink. I always do not recommend using actual 'hyperlink' fields in tables in MS Access.
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