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I have a procedure where a sub-form's recordset is based on the selection made in the main form. This all works great but now I'm going to need to add the sub-forms to tab controls.

Just referencing a sub-form without the tab control, I would simply use

Forms!frm_Main!mysubform.Form.Recordset = rs

How would I do this with a tab control. For example, if I placed the tab control "MyTabControl" on the main form and placed "mysubform" on the first page of the tab control?

Any assistance would be appreciated.
Hi Dan,

Adding or placing a subform on or in a Tab Control doesn't or shouldn't affect how you reference it. Give it a try using the old syntax and let us know if you run into any problems.
Late reply. Wasn't able to get on the site but better late than never, I guess. Thanks for the input, guys. I got it working.
Good to know. Thanks and Good Luck!
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