Full Version: How To Make A Pop-uo Form To Keep The Size?
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Hi everyone!
I have a pretty stupid question: how to change a size of the form (not programmatically) so it keeps it?
I have a pop-up form that's being opened from the split form and I need it to be a certain size, but I can't just figure out how to make the system to remember the size I set in the runtime.
Does anybody remember how to do it?
I know, there is some simple trick...
Thank you in advance

> how to make the system to remember the size I set in the runtime.

Does this mean that you want to open it once, re-size it manually, close it, and have Access remember how you sized it for the next time it opens? I'm not clear on when "in the runtime" refers to.

Also, why did you specify "not programmatically"?

That's exactly what I need! And I did say "not programmatically" just to ovoid doing so. I know there is a simple trick and just can't remember and can't find it online.
Never mind. I just found the way to do it.
1. Open the form in Design view
2. Change "Autoresize" = Yes. If it is "Yes", change something else. This is done to make the system to ask if you need to save the form.
3. Open the form in the runtime
4. Change the size of the form
5. Right click on the form and choose "Close" from the popup menu
6. Say "Yes" to save the form.
This does the trick.

I didn't realize that after changing the pop-up form and clicking the "Save" button on the Access menu ---> this WILL NOT save your changes on the pop-up form. You need to explicitly save the form.
Sorry, if the explanation is not clear enough, but I thought when you click the Save button on the Access menu, it'll save EVERITHING.
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