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I have a subform that is not linked to any record source. This subform is a "utility subform" that performs certain calculations and returns the result to its parent form.

I want to use this subform on several forms which may be open at the same time. I'll be doing some testing but I assume this has been tried before so I was wondering if someone can save me a little time and let me know if there are any issues with having multiple instances of a subform open at once.


Hi Ray. I know you can have multiple instances of the same subform within one parent form, but I haven't seen one on multiple parent forms at the same time. I suppose it's possible because I know you can have multiple instances of the same form open all at once. Just my 2 cents...
Sounds hopeful! I'll proceed and see if I run into any problems. Thanks.
Hi. I'd be interested to know what you discover. Good luck!
As theDBguy says, you shouldn't experience any problems as the subforms are not open in design view when you open the related main form. For general work with form instances, I've been using the Instance class described here in the wiki. Using this class wouldn't make a difference if there were issues using the same subform on multiple open form but, again, such issues are unlikely.

I can now confirm that having the same form opened as a subform on multiple parent forms does work without any problems that I have yet to detect.

Thanks again to all!
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