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Note first please: I'm not just a "newbie" I'm an executive of a company who got left with a broken form and though I have a drop of coding under my belt I haven't much of a clue. If the answer to my q is too difficult for someone at my level, feel free to just tell me so smile.gif

I have a form with two subforms. The form collects data on prospective artists we want to perhaps sign to our company (prospect_t is the related table). The subforms: one is supposed to log the various social media numbers (psocials_dt) like facebook likes, twitter followers, etc. the other subform is supposed to log our activity in trying to reach and discuss signing options with these prospects (pfollowup_dt).

The subforms, in datasheet view on the main form, only seem to accept a first record. The moment we tab into the second line to add more data, it will not accept any information.

Help, please!!! Truly appreciated! (we're a tiny indie company who can't afford to hire another programmer...esp since the last one took all of the pay upfront and left without finishing the database! yep, I'm stuck figuring this out on my own.)

Welcome to UtterAccess!
To make sure we understand exactly what's happening, can you post some screenshots? Rather than tab to the next line, are you able to click to it?
Thanks so much for trying to help me!!

I can click in, but it won't let me use the dropdown menu or type anything in. Here's a screenshot.
Hi. Thanks for posting the image. I deleted it for you because it was showing some personal information. Anyway, it looks like the subforms (at least the first one) is set up to accept more than one record. Do you know if there are any code that prevents it from accepting more than one record? Did it ever work before where you could add more than one record and just suddenly stopped working for some reason?
Yes, the social media one seemed to accept more than one record before. But, now, neither subform accepts more than one record. These tables and forms are local (whereas some of the database is able to be accessed by the team via the web) -- it was written, I think in VB.net/ asp.net and then the programmer connected it to Access and started building local forms too.

The info on the form, fyi, is all publicly available info. But, I appreciate your courtesy!
Okay, when you try to enter a new record, are you getting any error message? Or are you just hearing a beep from the computer? If so, take a look at the status bar (bottom left corner of the Access Window) to see if Access is trying to tell you something.
Have you tried decompile followed by compact and repair?
When a form suddenly stops working, these two often fix the problem.
I just did a compact and repair. Not sure what a decompile is. Still not working. The social media form will take data now in the second row, but on entering a new record the date is set to (now) and when the form was working properly it would add the date right away. Not sure if it's capturing the record. The bottom subform (followup) still not working. I can send a link to a screenshot you can download if you feel I shouldn't post it here.
In cases like this it is often best for us all if you can post the database with some sample data in.
There are ( as ever) a number of possibilities, and right now we're shooting in the dark.
Hi. Posting a screenshot is fine. I would just recommend blurring the names and email address of the person in the form.
I changed key info in the record shown, so now no worries about info being shared. Does this help?

You can see:
1. The social media subform took a second line/record but did not auto-enter the date.
2. The follow up subform lets me click in the field and tempts me with a dropdown, but it will not let me pick anything.

1. Either go to the Design View of the subform or the table and set the Default Value property of the date field to Now().

2. Again, when you try to select something from the dropdown, are you hearing a "ding" from the computer? What, if any, message is showing up in the Status Bar?
That column is set in the table to (now).

No - no msg or anything. The dropdown options appear but I cannot highlight/click anything.
Okay. Couple more things to check. Go to the first subform's design view and make sure it also has Now() in the Default Value property. Go to the design view of the follow up subform and make sure the combo is not set to Locked = Yes. If that doesn't help, you might consider posting a copy of the db without any data.
The social media subform is indeed sending the record to table, and it seems fixed (I added the Now() to the subform as well.

The follow up subform still no luck. It is not locked. frown.gif It let me add the Now() to default in the subform so now I see that.
A couple more thoughts from me:
1) Could it be that the subforms have somehow got Allow additions set to false.?

2) You are using Now(), but you mentioned 'the date'.
If you want just the date (without the time) use Date() instead of now().
Firstly, on the date thing - yay!! I hated that it showed the seconds and whatnot. I will fix that! But, do I fix it in the table or the form or both?

As to the allow additions...
the follow up sf has a few columns: Status, which is the dropdown and no one is supposed to be able to add or modify the choices of the dropdown but should be able to select one. The follow up column is a memo field, and the date column is set to now() currently. I can't pick anything from the dropdown that appears while in the sf or type anything in the follow up memo. Where do I check the "allow additions" property? In the little black box thing of the subform or the fields themselves when in design view?
Personally Krista, If I wanted to know the date a record was first created, I would put Date() in the default value of the table design
And leave it at that.
You still have the option of changing it in the form is the field is unlocked.
The dbguy may have different views on that.

Go into the actual design of the subform, and look in the data tab (I think that's where it is.)
Your looking for things like
Allow ------- Several of these
Locked (which could be at form AND field (control) level.

I asked about this because in your screen shot the 'add record' icon appeared to be greyed out.


Have you established a relationship between the three Tables?

Have you placed the two sub-forms into the Detail section of the Main Form?

This "dropdown" is this a Field in a Table and if so, how to you have it working?


You guys are awesome, btw! I can't believe you're helping me (though I'm sure I'm providing some giggles...)

The tables are related. Pic here.

The dropdown comes from a table. The record source for the field is in the subform. I didn't go look at the table that gets the data (or is supposed to get the data. Should I go look at that?
Allow and all that is okay. Everything there seems fine.
Wait a sec...maybe that's the problem??

The dropdown comes from a table.

On the subform, the record source is correct. So, it's why I can see the options we are supposed to select from.

But, I am embarrassed to ask this, but how does the subform know to where to deliver the info (to what table)?

The table that is supposed to receive the data entry in that subform...is that supposed to have a combo box for that field and have the query in there? Right now, the table, column property for the fk for the status is listed as a text box.
So it sounds like you are trying to use a Field in a Table as a drop down and at the same time trying to put data into itself as a combo box in the sub form. Wow!!!!

Is that correct?

I'm not sure. I didn't build this form. And, the form worked for a bit.

The sf does indeed have a combo box -- the sfrm is meant to capture the follow up of outreach to a prospective artist (a series of status changes along with notes and dates).

The form broke and I'm left with me, myself and I to figure out what happened. And, me, myself, and I barely know a thing about Access or coding. Learning out of pure necessity at this point.
So, are you able to post a copy of your db without the data? It would be easier for us to help you if we could see the form in action.
Hi all,

Embarrassed, I didn't post the db because I didn't know how to do that and the thread went quiet.
Out of sheer desperation, I kept trying the oddest of things. I earnestly am not sure what worked, but something did! It seemed to be making a circular reference, if you will, so what I think worked was when I created a new query, and connected the lookup that way. Oy. No idea. Anyway, all's well that end's well....for now. Onto the 30 other problems this dreadful database has! I suspect I'll be back here with a few more questions...

I really appreciate everyone's help!! It cleaned up the data too smile.gif
I'd echo the DBguy's last post.
If you can post the db with some sample data, it would probably be easier all round.
Hi. Glad to hear you got it working. Good luck with your project.
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