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This is probably a silly question, but is it alright to use a reserved word (e.g., date) as a caption in a form, so long as the control is named unreservedly?


Sr. Miriam Esther, osb
The reason there are cautions against using reserved words is that references to those words in code, SQL or expressions can potentially confuse Access when it needs to resolve the meaning of the word. Did you mean "Date", the name of a field in a table, or "Date" the function that returns the current date?

If you refer in code to the caption on a label which contains a reserved word, it's conceivable that this problem could arise, but not very likely.
Hi Sister. I agree with both David and George. There's always a possibility of issues in almost everything, but Captions should be in the low end of the risk hierarchy. Cheers!
That's great!

Many thanks,

Sr. Miriam Esther, osb
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