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Hello UA,

Good day to all.

I'm having a trouble in locking a subform inside a tabcontrol (TabCtl118).. I wanted to lock my subform row depending the logged user, but it seems i wont work if I put my subform inside the tabctrl..

Can someone please help me to sort this out.. is there an effect if the subform within the a tab form?

Am using the below expressions in OnCurrent Event of my sufform, but it pops me an error, something like the "sfrmTask" is not located.

Forms!sfrmTask.Form.AllowAdditions = False
Forms!sfrmTask.Form.AllowEdits = False
Forms!sfrmTask.Form.AllowDeletions = False

Thank you in advance,

hi ayen,

try ...

me.sfrmTask.AllowAdditions = False
me.sfrmTask.AllowEdits = False
me.sfrmTask.AllowDeletions = False
Hello moke123,

I got compile error...

"Method or data member not found".

thank you.
Hi Ayen

Is your subform open when you try to run this code?

I've had a similar problem when trying to set values/attributes on a different form. IF, I repeat IF, this is the same problem then it can be solved by opening the form first. I chose to open mine "not visible"


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