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I have designed a Purchase Order form. This requires several levels of approval. At each level the approver forwards to the next level with preferably an email notification.

Any ideas would help?
Can you provide a bit more information?
How do you determine who the next level is? Is it the same for all POs?

I would imagine a table like:

POApprovalID (PK Autonumber)
ApproverID (FK)

You also need

ApproverID (PK Autonumber)
EmployeeID (FK)

From here it can get complicated. The ApproverLevel field contains an order number that indicates who the first approver is etc. (Inactive approvers have their order set to Null)

You then need to check a query combining these 2 tables to see what the last approval level was and then select the next approver and send them an e-mail.
Thanks. This looks like the design concept that would work.

You say it can get complicated? What do you mean

Yes all PO's are treated the same
Jeff B.
Sounds like a "work flow" process. Have you looked into any already-available, commercial applications (I recall some SharePoint pieces like this)?
You say it can get complicated? What do you mean

Because the proper table structure is only part of the picture. You will need to write code to do the checking and processing.
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