Full Version: Error Message On Closing Form, Looking For Table That Does Not Exist
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Hi, every time I access my activities form from the data sheet under the activities tab in my database (attached) when I close the form down I get an error message that it cannot find a table that I do not have. I have searched the form in design mode and can find no reference to the table anywhere.

I am also wanting to change my reports tab so that it is a series of combo boxes that lets me select the information for my reports as the possibilities for reports for all that will require them would mean an excessive amount of report buttons.

Thank you in advance

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Jeff B.
Could you post the exact language of the error message?
on form frmActivityList the rowsource of Kitlist is set to a non-existant query or table tbluunits.
remove that and all is good
Thank you moke123, that has fixed that problem.
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