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I'm new to Access so please forgive,

I am trying to setup a DMAIC form, Global 8D as a FORM in a db.
The Excel form has (8) sections to it, so i wanted to emulate that in my Access form.

I started out with a NAVIGATION form with the first (4) tabs so far, (see attachment), but then I got to wondering how do I keep all sections related to the one record?

The PART NUMBER on 1D is the KEY.
Do I need to include PART NUMBER on each SUB FORM from my main table?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your first step should be to make sure your tables are set up properly to store the data this form is meant to be used for.

Specifically, your attached screen shot shows three first names, three last names, three job titles and three phone numbers, all in the same record. This is not properly Normalized data. Ideally, you should have a table of Nonconformance records, and a related table of response team members, and maybe even another table of people that can be team members. This is called Normalization, and is the single most important step when creating a database, and should be finished before you even start creating a form.

You may want to read our Newcomer's Reading List, which includes several good articles about how to break down your data into logical groups, and then design a table structure that emulates how those groups are related to one another.

Once you have your tables set up things like these team members will likely be a continuous subform (which is based on a Team Members table) on a main form (which is based on a Nonconformance table). In case it's not clear, we are not familiar with what a "Global 8D DMAIC form" is, so without context it's hard to give more specific advice.

Again, look at the original Excel form and find the logical groups of data (team members, containment actions, etc.) and design tables to contain that data. The very basic concept is that each logical group would get it's own table, and the fields in that table would only describe aspects of that logical group. Also, keep in mind that there's a reason that Excel and Access are separate applications; they do things very differently from one another.

Hope this helps,

Access is not a spreadsheet. It is a relational database, and there are rules for designing such.

Based on the form you showed you need several tables.

A table for employees, another for teams. This creates a many to many relationship between employees and teams so you need a junction table to model that relationship.

I also see the need for a Problem table. Then you need a Containment table and an Actions lookup table to select the containment actions from.

That's just based on what I see and not knowing your workflow.
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