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Hi ,
I am working on a form that contains more than 1 page in a tab. When I enter a particular field in the main form , i want a specific page to be shown.
I have used set focus to the particular page. But the current control loses the focus.
I want the current control to get the focus back.
Is there any way to show the required page , without using setfocus?

Thanks in advance.
Hi cmohanc,

Is the current control on the same page as the page that you are setting focus to?

If not - then I would suspect not. Could you provide a little more background as to what you're trying to achieve?
The current control is in the parent form.

I have a control named "Process" in parentForm
In the same form , I have tab control containing different subforms in 3 pages.
When i enter the control " Process" I want to show the relevant page ( Page name "Process List" ) in the tab control, while the focus remains on "Process"
Hmm. You *could* try setting focus to the page and then switch it back to the Progress control. Does that work as intended?
If switch back to that control , the on enter event fires and it again sets focus to the tab. It goes into a loop.
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