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My client has been operating with the CDO coding to send client e mails for some years, all of a sudden we are getting "The Transport failed to Connect to the server"

The server is BTOpenWorld with BTInternet.com address

BT say they have not changed anything

Tried my server details and coding works but does not deliver, so something has changed

Any ideas?

Tried changing port references

The database was created some years ago under Access 2010 or even earlier
I don't know, but have you possibly upgraded to ofifice 2013/16 and using Outlook 2016. (not sure if outlook will work with your email server)

I think early versions of access are not compatible with later versions of outlook.
The coding does not interact with Outlook, purely based on VBA within the access module, direct address to the server, account and password
So you're using CDO to connect to - I'm guessing - the SMTP transport at mail.btinternet.com

Settings page is here for reference - http://bt.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/...mail-servers%3F

It does sound like the issue is due to a change at BT's end. Are you absolutely sure there is no service issue, no change to the password, and that no new firewall rules have been introduced which may be blocking the traffic to the relevant port (longshot).

It seems unlikely that the code is at fault, but rather BT have changed something somewhere which is blocking this. Is there an alternate method you can use to send the emails?
Yes, It has been working fine but now we get this Transporter message, I was thinking that the security might have changed, they are using the same account and password to send general e mail via outlook

it is very strange as I stated, I entered my server details and the code worked perfectly but did not deliver e mail as my server would have blocked the email emanating from a BT server

BT of course state nothing has changed.

What makes it worse is that this client is always picky on my invoices and never willing to invest in changes, so have to be careful on my time!

I may well try to contact BT myself

I will have a look at your link thanks

There are various other VBA codes I could try but would like to understand why this has suddenly ceased to work.

Kind Regards

Turned a usual to my trusty UtterAccess for a perspective!
My client has been operating with the CDO coding to send client e mails for some years, all of a sudden we are getting "The Transport failed to Connect to the server"

I've got no idea about this particular error message and nor any experience with BT email.
But wrote this article about using CDO to send email. It covers some aspects of authentication and transport encryption as well. I guess the cause for your issue might be in that area.

Maybe your code uses some old, unencrypted port to connect to the mail server and BT disabled that recently. It's possible they deprecated that some time ago but effectively disabled it only recently, so their support staff might not be aware of that being changed just now. - And, BTW, my experiences with BT support doesn't justify to rely to much on their statements.
I ran into this exact same error message back in November of 2015 when using CDO to automate emails. It turned out that it was "updates to the anti-virus program on the affected PCs blocking connection over the port in use." I'm pasting that in from one of our IT security people who fixed the issue immediately. He had to "push an exclusion out to the affected systems." smile.gif

Unfortunately I know nothing more than that because anything outside of the VBA code necessary to do the CDO automation is beyond my understanding. Hopefully this helps you know where to look though. Good luck!
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