Strange problem I don't recall having before.

I have a client with an application that uses the Access 2010 Navigation form. This is working fine. One of the subforms that displays in this navigation form is frmAssets (attached). You can refer to this subform with:

=> frmAssets

On frmAssets, there are a number of other subforms, one of which is sub_frmAssetPartSchedule, which has a SourceObject of frmAssetPartSchedule, and which is linked to frmAssets on the AssetID field. For some reason, this form (frmAssetPartSchedule) will not display properly within the subform, despite the fact that it is configured properly and when I check to make sure it is configured as visible and the sourceobject is configured, I get:

=> frmAssetPartSchedule

But when I attempt:


I get the error message (attached)

This is not rocket science and all of the other subforms embedded in frmAssets work properly and are configured exactly the same way as this one. I am able to open frmAssetPartSchedule and it displays the 3 records I would expect with the AssetID which matches the AssetID on frmAssets.

This has got to be something simple, but I just cannot figure out what is going on.