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Hello guys,
I have the way for highlight current record with continuos form.
The functionality is fine but it looks less professional than i would expect because everytime i click on record, everything flashes and flickers.
Help me please.
Remove the Me.Refresh. It isn't needed

If that's still not good enough, use a single locked textbox and move it to the current record.
Easier to explain with an example. See attached

Click to view attachment

hello isladogs,
Your demo is the same situation, screen still flashes.
I may have uploaded the wrong version. Try the one attached.

Its an example database I worked on from another forum & has been downloaded hundreds of times
Screen doesn't flash / flicker for me when changing records on the datasheet section
Certainly nothing like the sample you uploaded!
Hi: PMFJI, but try commenting out the Me.Requery in the GetRecordSource Sub. The other commands should requery the details, so do this and check to make sure it still works like you want. When I do not execute the Requery, the flickering seems to calm down... but make sure all desired functionality is still there.

Worth a try I would think ...


Oh, I see isladogs posted while I was typing. Maybe this was already done in his last attachment ...
That's exactly the advice I gave the OP for his db in post #2!

On my desktop PC, I see no flickering but I've just tested on a windows tablet and agree it does flicker on that device..
Removing the requery doesn't fix it for me.

It's a fairly complex example of an emulated split form
I should have a different example that I can upload tomorrow evening

That's exactly the advice I gave the OP for his db in post #2!

Indeed you did! I was just testing the next to last attachment (the last was not up yet) for my own curiosity and noticed the requery was still there.

See if this is OK for you now
Hello isaldogs,
It's still flashes.
Peter Hibbs
Hi Mr Siro,

If you are going to use a Continuous type form I don't believe you will be able to eliminate the 'flashing' entirely because whenever the users move to or change a record, Access needs to check every other record to see if any change has been made which requires changing the Conditional Formatting parameters which is bound to cause some flickering of the form controls. I think that the suggestions you have been given so far are the best you can hope for.

How will this form be used? Will the users be editing all the fields or is it used just for displaying some data? If the need to be able to select and highlight records with no flickering is so important then another option you could use might be the ListView ActiveX control instead of the Continuous type form and that has a built in row selection mode which causes no flicker at all. I have attached a demo database that I found on the Internet some time ago which shows how this works. I did not write it myself so I can't help with the coding (although it looks pretty straightforward) but if you want to use it there are several Web sites that have more information such as THIS ONE. The problem with this control might be that I don't think it is possible to edit the fields directly (as you can with a normal Continuous form) but you could provide the users with a pop-up form when they click in a field which would allow them to edit, delete and/or add a new record and when they close the pop-up form you would change the ListView control data accordingly. This would involve some VBA coding, of course, so that will be up to you to decide whether this is an option.

Anyway, good luck and let us know how you get on.

Peter Hibbs.
HI Peter
I agree with your comments and was intending to make the same point.
Interestingly both the emulated split form and my modified version of the original db are almost flicker free on my main PC.
In contrast, both flicker a lot on my Windows tablet

One issue with ActiveX controls is that not everyone allows their use.
Also, as you know, not all work in 64-bit ...though AFAIK the listview does???

Of course, a standard listbox can also be almost flicker free though it also can't be edited directly.
Peter Hibbs
Hi Isladogs,

Yes, good point. I realised after I posted that the OP will need the Microsoft Windows Common Controls 6.0 (SP6) library (which contains the MSCOMCTL.OCX file) and I am not sure if that normally comes with Microsoft Access (but probably not). It does come with VB6 and later versions of VB I think so he may already have it installed.

Also you are right that the OP could just use a standard List box control, not as comprehensive as the ListView control perhaps but it may be acceptable in this situation (although he would need to provide some method to add/delete records, if that is necessary).

I tested your latest demo on my PC (A2013 with W7) and there was very little flicker on the form which I would have said is acceptable but the OP may have a different set up which is worse.

Anyway, perhaps we will hear from the OP in due course on what he decides to do.

Hi Peter
I've just checked on my 32-bit Windows 10 tablet.
It does have the common controls file and your list view demo works for me.
However, the file isn't listed in the references by default and I've not tested in 64-bit.

I do know the similarly named common dialog control COMDLG32.OCX file isn't installed with Win 10 and predictably doesn't work in 64-bit.
Some time ago, I updated an old utility by David Crake that required that reference: View logged in users
hello guys,
have any way for my situation ?
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