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I have 2 forms namely PrecedencePage and OverviewPage. I have 1 textbox named txt_fine and 1 button named btn_view in PrecedencePage. I have a textbox name txtView in OverviewPage. The idea is for the txtview in OverviewPage to see what user had key in previously in PrecedencePage's txt_fine.

I tried the following coding but it state run time error 2465: miscrosoft access cant find the field 'overviewpage' referred to in your expression.

Form("OverviewPage").txtView.value = me.txt_fine.value

May i know where is the mistake and how to correct it?
Hi: Try adding an "s" to "Form" ...

Forms("OverviewPage").txtView.value = me.txt_fine.value

This is from the Forms collection ...

Actually, I would have used ...

Forms("OverviewPage").txtView = me.txt_fine

... as .value is the default.

Or I usually use the syntax ...

Forms!OverviewPage!txtView = me!txt_fine

But up to you which syntax you use.


Thanks smile.gif
You are very welcome. Continued success with your project.

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