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Hi Everyone

I cannot for the life of me get Cascading Combobox's to work in the attached Db.

When I select a Level it should only show Courses associated with that Level in the Course Combobox.

Any help appreciated

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The problem appears to be that you are dealing with a Main Form, Sub-Form, and Sub-Sub-Form. Given this Scenario, the Syntax in the AfterUpdate() Event of cboLevel would be similar to:
Private Sub cboLevel_AfterUpdate()
Dim strSQL As String

strSQL = "<Your SQL Statement & WHERE qryCourseNames.LevelID = " & Me![cboLevel] & ">"

Forms("frmStudents")![frmStudentsYearsSubform].Form![frmYearCourseSession1subform].Form![cboCourse].RowSource = strSQL
End Sub
Hi ADezii

Many thanks That fixed it

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