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Alright.. here's a quick question..
I have a report, which lists construction jobs, then underneath, lists the employees assigned to those jobs.
Is there a way to create columns to list the employees in? Such as, 1st column hits 5 employes, then it starts column two with the next 5 and so on.
Would you do this via a subreport, or well, any help would be appreciated..
You can create columns in the File | Page Setup dialog. I always make sure in this dialog to deselect "Same as Detail" in the column width setting, so that I can make page headers and footers go across the entire page.
See that works, but I have a job header, which displays the job information (jod number and desc).
When in the detail I have the employee information.. But when i view the report, the 1st column has the job info and the first, say 5 employees, then the second column has the next set, but they start right next to job information. Like below:
12345    BP Gas Station    Jimmy Hoffa
         Jane Doe          Steve Bartman
         John Smith

Is there a way to get the employees top display below the job header?
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