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been having a debate with this guy today, on a perfect comp system for a graphical designer. what you gusy ereckon on terms of graphics cards, drive, processor ect the works
Just wondering?
alk to most Graphics Designers and they will simply say "a Mac" smile.gif
here, here
I have to agree with the rest a MAC is the only way to go.
Well, I used to agree that "Mac" was the the best way to go. But today's PC's, with all the software available makes me go back to PC. The pricing is easier to manage for the PC, but the Mac still does things with more depedability regarding multimedia; it's processor was originally designed with multimedia in mind. The PC's processor has always been business oriented.
know little to nothing about Mac graphics cards, but am quite impressed with array of quality graphics cards for the PC.
There is little one can do that the other can't these days.
I would base such a decision on environment (other computer types around me - Mac or PC), pricing and what kinds of file formats would be most handled.
MAC MAC MAC MAC! Did I mention MAC? Yes,as you might have guessed, I'm a graphics guy!
lt;subliminal message #1> macintosh.....macintosh....macintosh
Calm down Larry!!!!!!!!!
acs are allowed the occasional mention here smile.gif
Sorry, I guess I had a "graphical fit". I feel like I'm wound a little tight today! Can you ever forgive me John? smile.gif
mentions of MAC is your allowance for the year smile.gif
prefer a pc but that's what I'm used to.
I do know though that within the print industry Macs are the standard and compatability is the key.
I prefer a PC. A MAC is good, well, great for graphics, but then what. A PC is great for graphics too anymore and for lots of other stuff. I have a system I built running a GForce -4 Video card(wish I had gone 128) and with my PhotoShop programs I get great graphics and never any issues. I also play Command and Conquer and it renders those graphics, which are pretty intense, with no issues. I am however running an AMD processor..let's see if that open's any more comments HA
I'm a pc user as I said earlier and personally find Macs quite difficult to use (which goes against what you read).
think the point I'm making is that in the world of Graphic Design, Macs rule!
Certainly in the print industry there are lots of conflicts between documents created on pcs and macs. Especially where fonts are concerned.
Another reason the [you know whats] tongue.gif were used for graphics is the ability to allocate as much memory to each program as you would like. For instance to could crank Photoshop up to grab say 100 mb of your available memory, while knocking something else down to free up memory. Really helps with large hi res files. smile.gif
You can do that in Photoshop on the pc but I'm not sure about Quark.
Your right John, you can now. But back when the [you know whats] took over as desktop publishing's "computer of choice", you could not do that on a Windows machine. It was gonna use what it wanted to use whether you liked it or not. Also, back then, the whole font issue was a much much bigger deal than it is today. Still not very good today, but used to be absolutely horrible on a PC.
ROFLMAO - OK go on, you can say the [you know whats] word just once more laugh.gif
MAC ...phew, I feel better now. That was really building up inside. Like a giant gas bubble. Thanks! smile.gif
M** is what I said but i have no idea on M** specs, any body want to enlighten me? please
We are running (15) G4's with 450 processor, 25 Gb HD and 1 Gb ram. CD/DVD, Zip drive, 19 inch monitors. Some machines are OS 9 while others are OSX. The OSX people wish they could go back to OS 9. Have encountered several issues with OSX as well as some of the software designed for OSX. For example, for some reason we are having a hellll of a time with OSX and Quark 6. OS 9 is great though. Would recommend this set up to anyone. We actually also have 4 Windows machines setup for those times when you absolutely have to use a PC. When that happens, we tend to feel like we've just been sent to our room without dinner ! smile.gif Larry
19" Monitors... notworthy.gif
sleeping.gif <--- Me dreaming of a 19" Flatscreen, flatpanel monitor, a whole more 4 inches!!
I wish our 19s were flat! They get mighty heavy to lug around. A couple of weeks ago there was talk of upgrading to 21". I really don't think it will happen though. Besides, 19 seems big enough for what we do.
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