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First post... Many thanks to all for such wonderful information and energy!
I have a dual monitor development environment and my end-use environment could be dual monitor if it were useable within Access.
Question #1: is it possible to use a dual monitor configuration for an end-use MS Access Project? If so, how is that done? It seems you can only drag your Access forms around within the boundary of your launched Access instance. Surprisingly, I have been unable to find anything relevant to this question. I sadly suspect the answer is "no" or "not without a heap of code."
Question #2: Do any of you use a dual monitor setup as your development environment? If so, any tips or techniques you use to maximize your efficiency while developing Access apps would be most appreciated.
if you set the pop-up setting in your forms to "Yes" and module "No". they would be able to move the forms over to the next screen; Theoretically!
Do not know what drives windows knowledge of where the form are. If you can find a way to manipulate that you could store the locations that you want your forms to appear at.
Also if you set the form setting Autocenter to "No" the forms will always popup in the previous place that they were closed in.
You could also setup in Tools>Options in the View Tab check "Window in Task Bar" this will display all forms that are open but this might be rendered useless if the forms are set to be Pop-ups. Therefore this last paragraph just might be useless. But the advantage of them showing in the task bar would be that you would never lose them.
There is nothing special to this. Just drag the Access windows to the position and size that you want
I use a dual-monitor set-up, which is actually my laptop and an attached monitor. Just to let everyone out there know, only use a dual-monitor if you want to vastly improve your life and get things done 2x and 3x faster. Otherwise, stick with one monitor!
o answer the question, it depends on the typeof display drivers and how the dual monitor is configured.
When i used Win2K, my dual moniotr was actually a "stretched" desktop. So when I maximized a window, it stretched across both monitors. This is the type you would want to have.
Now, I use WinXP and the display drivers are different. it is now actully two separate desktops. When a window is maximized, it only takes up the monitor in which it is in.
Odon't think you can use it in a set-up like the WinXP, but the streched desktop could be used. But...
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Why did I write that? The reason for using dual-monitor is so that you can do multiple tasks easily. By making the database use up both screens, you are limiting the user. Just a thought. Sean.
Another thought is this, very few people I have worked around use a dual monitor environment. Even if they did, it still maye be confusing having access form popping up all over the place on two differant monitors.
lso, as Sean said, the second monitor could be put to use doing better things like MSN game zone..just kidding, but realistically, email and other apps could be running on one while the db is open on the other. Why tie up both with one app?
Yes, you can drag the edges of the parent Access window onto the other monitor(s). Once you do that, you can then drag the Access form window within that window onto the other monitor as well. You cannot use the maximize button on either window to maximize across both monitors; it will pick one or the other and maximize onto it. What I was hoping for was something that did not constain the form to being within the Access frame where you could just drag an open form from one monitor to the next. Or better still programmatically control which monitor to use for the form.

We are building an application for our yoga studio operations. There is about a fifteen minute period between classes where 20-50 people are checking in, buying water or retail items, changing their enrollment packages, registering in one of our special programs, etc. It has been our experience that "navigating" with lots of menus and buttons doesn't stick well with our teachers so we are trying to develop a UI that is as modeless and as flat as possible to make it easier to deal with this rather hectic process. The computer has no other use during this time.
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You can use popup windows to put a form outside the parent Access window
MoveSize lets you specify where a form opens, relative to the parent Access window
I experimented with this a while back using api calls and adapting some VB techniques and code. Attached is the result before I ran out of time and had to move on to other projects and experiments. It has the ability to detect multiple monitors as well as move windows between the monitors programmatically. Open the only form and select the monitor you want the form to move to from the dropdown list. Then click on move and it should move the form to that monitor, assuming the access window is covering both monitors. Works pretty well. I just never got the time to go back and try to complete it. Let me know if it's useful for you.
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