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I have a tabbed form with several subforms. The form's record source is an orders table. The subform A's recordsource is a pricing table. (The two tables can be linked by QuoteID.) Data is entered into subform A on form page A. When the user tabs to page B, I would like another subform B to show information from subform A.
currently have subform B's recordsource as the pricing table.The information will not show up on subform B while the user is in the form creating the record. After the record is closed and form is reopened the information shows as it should.
Odon't know how to solve this problem. Have tried lookup fields in form B, but they don't show data after record is saved.
Hope this makes sense.
Thanks for the help.
You could add code to the On ENTERevent of the subform to me.Requery, I think....

I'd rather requery than pull the value from another form....

Edited because I had SubFormName in the Requery statement and didn't need it.
Edited by: preston on 08.13.04.
I don't understand the two subforms, Personally I would use one subform and have the prices in it, and link those txtboxes to the prices table. Just a thought from the edge. Hope it helps and good luck.
Thanks for your quick replies.
reston: I'm not sure I understand. A form does not have an onenter event - a field does. I tried using requery on the after update event but no luck.
Quest 4: I have two subforms because the users want to be able to enter instructions and pricing into subform A on one page and on another page they only want to see instructions with no pricing information.
Any other ideas would be appreciated.
You are correct. A Form does not have an Enter event. A Subform Object, however, does.
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