Full Version: Selecting from 2 tables on like fields
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I have two fields in two separate tables with similar values that I would like to attempt to match on.
For example:
Table1 Field
IVY (Integrated Virtual Chemistry)
Chime/Chime Pro for Internet Explorer
Table 2 Field
Accelrys IVY 1.1
Chime Pro Add-on
I have used the following query with an ending wild card to do some loose matching but am wondering if there are any other ways to match on similar fields.
SELECT [All App Table].[InformationResourceName], [All_Installed_Desktop_Apps].[Application Name]
FROM [All App Table] INNER JOIN All_Installed_Desktop_Apps ON [All App Table].[InformationResourceName] Like [All_Installed_Desktop_Apps].[Application Name] & "*";
Candace Tripp
Go to my site and download the Soundex demo database.
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