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I occasionally make Option Groups using the Option Group Wizard in Access. I have two problems with them:
. I have no idea how to add a new item to group
2. Even if I create a Click event, it will not fire if the user clicks on the option already selected. So the user has to click away, then click back.
Have any ideas for me?
asiest way would be for us to see the form though to see what's going wrong. Can you zip up your db to under 500K and attach to a post? I'm happy to take a look for you,
Larry Larsen
In addition to Ad's suggestion:
Q1: I would put in the effort to re-create the OG with the new additional option (would only take a couple of minutes).
Ofound that to add another option would require totally redesigning the control.
Q2: Need to see what you have behind the event's of the OG.
To add an option to the group you can
1.copy 1 of your existing option buttons and then with the option group highlighted(selected) that you want to add this control to,simply paste it,make sure to change its option value
2. from the toolbox select the option type control you want, then with the option group selected postion the control as you normally would.
You cant just add the control to the form.To include it in the option group you Must select the option group before placing or pasting the control
Try using the after update event for the option group,rather than the click event
Hope this helps
On #1 ... Thank you, that's a HUGE help. I simply click on one of the items in the Option Group, Control-V, Control-P and a new item is added, I change the Option Value and I'm all set.
However, on #2 .. that does NOT work. I have tried both the Click and the After Update events, they work the same way.
MouseDown doesn't even fire
On Enter will fire .. ONCE .. while the control has focus
If I use both the On Enter and the After Event events, it will fire twice if I select an option that wasn't highlighted when the control got focus. It will fire once, if I select the option that WAS highlighted (which is good). But if I click it AGAIN, it won't fire again.
All I'm doing is creating an Option Group, and displaying a MsgBox displaying the Option Value.
Larry Larsen
We have to ask the question as to "why" you would want to select the same selected option twice, I have do some testing and yes nothing fire's on a already selected option.
It makes no sense to me.If you have selected an option then it is selected.Clicking on the option to select it again is asking access to turn the selected option from true to true.Why would any event need to fire as no value has changed.
Can you expand a little on what your trying to achieve
i was just using this control to set values and refresh a listbox. It was a substitute to creating five separate buttons that would fire.
But i understand your points .. so no reason to answer me further.
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