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Ive inherited an old Access 97 database which im trying to bring up to date and use various parts of it in a new DB.
The database is full of forms which use an ole calendar. Everytime i try to open one of the forms which uses the calendar i get a run time error of Automation Error, element not found, and its always a problem with the code highlighted as
Private Sub Form_load()
Calender.Today "This is the problem area"
End Sub
Ive not used Ole Calendar before and i cant see how to fix it.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Ocant seem to attach a zip of the DB but will try again from home later if anyone would like to have a look for me.
Thanks in advance.
You said you want to use different parts in a "new DB". Have you added the reference to the Calendar control in your new database ?
What i was thinking of doing is getting the old one to work as it used to (im told) so that i can understand how it works and hopefully learn something from it.
When i was going to decide whether to convert this one to 2000 which is the version used here at work now and add new parts to it, or build a completely new DB and plagiarise parts of the old one.
Ohavent actually got any further than looking at the possibilities.
When i go into the design view of the ActiveX Contol: Calendar i get the error message (in the attached Word doc.)
ve also downloaded another example calendar from UtterAccess, but the same message comes up when i have a look at the design.
Have I not got a full version of Access on my machine at work?
hmmm..It looks like Access2000 to me, not 97. Again, hev you checked the references? Do you have Calendar control checked ? (I think is Calendar 9.0 for Access 2000)
When i open it up it states its not updatable as its Access 97 format.
I use Access 2003 at home (where i am now) and i opened the DB it gave the usual errors but then gave one about a missing reference. 'axcred.ocx' version 1.0 is the missin or broken reference.
Is this what you were talkin about Xteam?
The weir thing is that it has gone past the errors and seems to work in Access 2003, although i have not converted the DB from 97.
Im confused?!?!?!
Will this now work, back at my place of work in Access 2000?
Dom DXecutioner
don't mean to butt in, but feel free to try a non-activex calendar from this ua_post ...
tried it but couldnt get past January 2004?
Dom DXecutioner
Thats' strange ... were there any error messages ?
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