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I am trying to add an ActiveX control to Access 2003, I am getting "You don't have the license required to use this ActiveX control." I've a snapshot of the error image t be more clear.
asically, this activeX control works fine with Access 2000, but throws the license error with 2003. Is there something I need to do in the registry to fix this?
Any help?
I've been researching the problem for quite a while now. Turns out I'd better remember what we did way back because I've got the error too. We converted from 97 to XP and the forms I converted that have flexgrids on them work fine but if I try to create a new form and add the activex control I get the license error.
I'll keep looking. Just to let you know you haven't been forgotten.
You probably have to buy the A2003 version of the ActiveX, just like the error message says.
Ultimately the answer is that MSFlexgrid is bunfdled with VB and if you don't have that installed it'll be a problem. If you do have there's another possibility. If you have another file named MSFlxgrd.oca, Notice - OCA not OCX! If you do then rename it to something else and try the Flexgrid again. What happens is that information about the flexgrid is stored there and if Access finds it it uses the information contained within and if that is old info you could have an error. If it doesn't find the file it creates it new with current info and you might get passed the error.
Let us know how this turns out.
The control works fine with Access 2000, but I am still unable to get it working in 2003.
As I said earlier I'm suffering with the same problem and my solution will be to get VB 6.0 on my machine. But in the meantime I was able to convert my 97 db w/Flexgrids to the XP version(using the OCA process I sent before) and they all function fine. I just can't add a new one. So maybe you can build it in 2000 and convert to 2003.
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