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I'm having problems with Access XP
When I try to open up a Access Database I get this message:
Workgroup Administrator couldn't create the workgroup information file. Make sure that you have specified a valid
path and file name, that you have adequate permissions to create the file, and that you have enough disk space on the destination (3100)

How can I fix this?
aS what the message says.. Make sure that you have specified a valid path and file name...
I had the exact same problem! Making sure the system.dmv file is just one step. After that you get an entirely new error. But once I found this post - the problem went away. All I did was the first part - registering the msjtes40.dll file. That was it - no more problem! Hopefully it is as simple for you! Good luck!
There are a couple things that can be tried, and probably should be, before uninstalling. Try launching Access after each step. I'd try the following:
. Manually register msjtes40.dll using regsvr32. We have been finding several customers are crashing because this file is inproperly registered. We don't know why this mis-resgistration occurs, but using regsvr32 will correct it. The file is in your System32 folder.
2. Repair Office 2003. Just launch the repair from the Add/Remove list.
I'd be interested in seeing the crash information from this issue, it might point to other solutions. You can find it by opening up the Event Log and finding the crash event in the Application Log it will be listed as coming from Microsoft Office 11, just look for the last date/time that you tried to open Access and copy the info out of the Information log.
There is not a "remove all" tool for Office 2003; the uninstall process for Office 2003 is much better than previous versions and a special tool is not needed. If you choose to follow the path of uninstalling, just uninstall from the control panel and start from there.
Mike Wachal
Microsoft Corporation
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