Full Version: Use of DoCmd.Save?
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Can someone tell me what's the use of DoCmd.Save? I thought Access generally saves all data entered into bound fields automatically?
From Access Help:
Have Action
You can use the Save action to save either a specified Microsoft Access object or the active object if none is specified. You can also save the active object with a new name in some cases (this functions the same as the Save As command on the File menu).
The Save action works on all database objects that the user can explicitly open and save. The specified object must be open for the Save action to have any effect on the object. This action has the same effect as selecting an object and then saving it by clicking Save on the File menu. Leaving the Object Type argument blank and entering a new name in the Object Name argument has the same effect as clicking Save As on the File menu, and entering a new name for the active object. Using the Save action enables you to specify an object to save and to perform a Save As command from a macro.
Yes you're right Access does save as you go. The Save action is to save objects in the db such as a form or report.
I see. Does that mean it only saves those physical forms and not the data into tables?
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