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I am getting the following error: "text is too long to be edited"
This happens when I paste in a large amount of text (about 5,000 lines of the stuff) into a memo box.
Why does this happen? Is it a limit on what a memo field can store?
At the risk of answer a question with a question, why the heck are you putting 5,000 words in a memo field? I understand descriptions can get lengthy, but are you putting stuff in your memo field that can be moved to their own fields outright? Look at what you write in this memo field. If you're trying to format it in any way, say putting codes, dates, temperatures, readings, values, etc. all those things should be put into their own fields. Memo fields should only have text that capture descriptive info that cannot be captured in other ways.
OK, back to the question. Access may have a byte limit to its memos and you've just reached the limit. Consider the above paragraph and it doesn't apply to you, consider putting your notes in attached word processing files instead of a memo field.
I agree with the previous post. Dave, as far as your specific question about a "limit"; the memo data type in a table can hold a maximum of 65,535 characters.
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Well, I want a convenient place to store some related information together. They are keywords used for internet marketing. I just copy and paste from a list and I want to drop them into the memo field. Then, I need to copy and paste that whole list into other applications I have as and when I need them. If I put them all in seperate fields, the cut and paste is less easy.
ure, I could use Notepad and text files to store the data. But then it is more cumbersome as I will have about 6 different memo fields with lists for each niche... and checkboxes, fields etc.
It is a shame Access has this limitation. Is it still there in Access 2003?
What do you mean by attached Word processing files? Does that mean it is stored in a folder and I link the two? Seems like extra work. Just want to cut and paste for speed, not jump through hoops if I can avoid it.
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