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This seems soooooo simple but I can't figure it out! How do you attach a label to a textbox? When you create a textbox Access automaticallt attaches a label to it right? What if you create a label seperatly and then want to attch it to the text box...is that possible?
I am addapting a database who's textboxes on the form are NOT visible until a value is selected from a combobox. one of the textboxes on the form didn't have a label and I wanted to add it. Now that label is visible ALL the time...I want it attached to the text box so it only apperars when it should.
This seems so simple...but what am I missing?
Create the label in design view. Select it. From the Edit menu, choose Copy, then Cut.
Click on the Textbox you wish to attach the label to. From the edit menu, choose Paste. The Label should now be attached to the textbox.
Hope this helps
That worked...Thank you! That was easy enough...But to me... not the logical way you would think that Access would do it! Go figure...thinking logical and Microsoft...isn't that an oximoron?
Thanks again for your help!
Well, I think that the 'logical' way Access wants to do it is to add the label by default when you create the text box. But that's the only way I know to attach a 'new' label to a text box.
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