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I want to have an image displayed on a command button. My problem is that the image does not fit the size of the button. I do not see the option to zoom for the image. How can I reduce the size to the button?
One other question, it appears to be limited to a BMP image. Is this true or can I use GIF and JPG?
Thanks for the help - John
Morning John. Resizing a cmdButton is pretty easy, just hi-lite it some handles will, which look like dots, will appear on the side just pull them to the desired hieght and width. As far as BMP images go I have a a few things from Candace Tripp on this and she stated the BMP was the only image to use. You can check this out on her website if you like:
Thanks Geoffrey,
I will check out Tripp's link.
o answer the question about the size, I do not want to change the size of my command button. I want the image to adjust to the size of the button.
Thanks for the help Geoffrey - John
Sorry for the misunderstanding, I never use the images, only words, I get my point across much faster. Good luck.
No problem my friend, any ideas? -o!
I just played around with my first image cmdButton and I couldn't see anything that would control the image's size, but that does not mean much, there is probably a way in code on how to do that, I just don't know it. Good luck.
Thanks for taking a look. Maybe one of these hot-dogs can help me out....John
Hi John,
Pictures (Insert > Picture) can be made to work a bit like command buttons if you use the code from the OnClick event of the command button in the OnClick event of the picture. Set the size mode property of the image control to 'Zoom' or Stretch'.
mages can bloat your database so use Paint Shop pro or Photo editor to save them as the smallest size possible then use them sparingly.
You can mess about with the formatting of the Image control to your heart's content.
Thanks John,
Ys John,
Your suggestions worked well - John
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