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Hey All,
Okay I'm completely stumped. I have created a database to be used to check in and out inventory that will be used in demos, sales presentation, etc.
That I want to do is require the user to fill out a form with basic event information and customer information. Then I want to have this form pop up a subform with all of the available inventory. Then I want the user to be able to select one or multiple pieces of inventory for the event and then based on their choices update the tables. I've tried using check box but that didn't get my anywhere.
I'm attaching my "draft" of the database right now and as you can see I have two forms that I'm playing around with.
If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it.
Okay, lets see if I can help you out here. My difficulty is that I have to be economical with my use of the phone line (using dial-up).
I have attached a DB I created to track inventory in-coming and out-going. Take a look at it and see how the form/subform works (Stock Movement) on switch board.
It will be far to difficult to modify/use it as a template for your needs but will help with getting the big picture of forms/subforms and underlying queries for the subform works.
Note to the boffs out there who might take a look (Noah - I see you), please be gentle in ripping it apart. I would greatly appreciate any advice.
Right back to my post.
One thing I have noticed is that you are only able to check out one item per customer. Using a subform for items to hire and the mainform for the customer you solve that problem.
If you can point form you problems I'll try and help you out.
Good luck
Thank you Alan, for your help and for attaching a sample.
still have an issue with my database that I'm struggling with. In my database I have three tables (of importance to this question): tblEventDetails, tblEquipment, tblEquipmentTransactions.
So the EventDetails table keeps track of each event that equipment is checked out/in for. The Equipment table is a list of all equipment with a status of available (0 state of check box) or not available (-1 state of check box). Equipment transaction table keeps track of when a status change happens to the equipment.
In my database (attached) is a form called frmCheckOutEquipment. The user fills out the information on the event the equipment will be used for and then hits the button "Pick Equipment Pieces".
Pick Equipment Pieces loads frmSubFormInventory that has the EquipmentStatus=0 (i.e. the equipment is available). When a user selects the check box, a VB module inserts a row into tblEquipmentTransaction and the EquipmentStatus is set to -1 (or unavailable). Is this the "right" way to do this?
My logic: equipment is either available (0) or not (-1). But different transactions can occur making the equipment either available or unavailable (i.e. checked out, checked in, repaired, retired, etc.). Am I being redundant?
And finally, is there any other way to let the user select the inventory from the frmSubFormInventory without having the field EquipmentStatus? This is where I am stuck and had to create the field EquipmentStatus!
Thanks in advance for reading this and puzzling over it!
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