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I have a form with tabs, on each of these tabs is a subform, there is only one text box linked to a memo field. I have locked out the mouse wheel so that they can't skip to create another record. I want to be able to disable or lock out the 'Tab' key. The tab is for each type of letter, there only needs to be one letter for each type thus there is no need to skip to a new record.
Is there a way to lock out the 'Tab' key? If so could you please help
Try to turn-off all of the TabStops in the object properties. hth.
you could also change the "cycle" property of all forms to "current record" this will stop the tab key from jumping to a new record but will still allow to skip around the controls on the form. Perhaps this is more subtle than disabling it altogether?
You can lock out the tab key using the forms key down event for a single form or use the auto-keys macro to block for an entire database. For help on auto-keys just use the help.
I knew there was something for the auto keys but i couldn't remember the exact name of them to look them up in the help section.
You're welcome, glad to help.
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