Full Version: can changing table name affect queries and forms ?
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i have made a big databse, with a lot of queries and forms.....now if i want to just rename a table...will it affect the way the forms and queries work ?
Is in if i simply rename any of my tables, by right clicking and renaming, will it affect any queries and forms, dependant on that table, or does access automatically updates everything ?
Quick answer ..... renaming a table will NOT auto-update anything else (Same goes for any field renaming actually), so in effect your queries, forms etc will now not function.
However, there is a utility that I have used for years that will do this for you, asnd ensure that everything is "auto-updated".
It is the "Find and Replace" utility available from:
Rick Fishers home page
thanks for the help..
adly the website u mentioned doesnt have the version i need...and secondly, its aid..:(
Actually, the website DOES have the version that you need (you are posting in the UA Access 2002 forum,so I assume that is what you are needing.
o to the download page and select Find & Replace 9.00h
and secondly, what does 'aid' mean ????
Here is another link to a utility that searches all of your Access objects for field or table references (actually searches for a text string you specify), it may be a nice tool to add to your tool belt if R-Cubed's link does not suite your needs, this one may. I originally wrote the utility in A97 and have just ported over to A2000
Search For Text ....
heya thanks...aid = paid....i am sorry...
thanks datAdrenaline for the link.
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