Full Version: From table to form issues.
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I am working on a questionnaire database that I seem to hit problem after problem while working on it. At the moment I have the tables in place and have attached the db without an info to see the table layout.
I want to create a form similiar to the 'frmAudit' form included in the database. The only problem is that that form was created using and un-normalised table structure and with the structure being normalised I'm having trouble developing a similiar form using the new normalised tables.
I have tried a continuous form, but I only need the category to show once and also the answers to the questions have changed and now I can have the answer of Yes or No, others can be Yes, No, mostly (>50%) and others can be Yes, No, Mostly(>50%) and N/A. There is no real particular order and think that continuous forms may not solve the problem because I need a different display of answers for different questions. Is there a way to solve this in continuous forms or is there a way to transfer this to a normal form like the example 'frmAudit' form attached to the db?? N.B. the form should be viewed in design view because of the change in relationships will return error.
Any suggestions?? If there are anymore info needed please don't hestitate to ask. Thanks.
Basically I just wanted to know whether continuous forms is the way to go or will I have to use a normal form? and a few pointers on how this would work with the criteria specified and the table design.
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