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I'm really new to this, and I'm frustrated. So here is what I want to do:

Create a combo box where I can pick from the list in another table and add to the list and have the additions update the related table.

Below is a link to my database with notes about what I want to do. The form is there too with only two fields for simplicity.


Thanks a lot.
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I'm not to sure what you wanted
If it was to Select an option from a combo box and have the related record able to be edited
To add an opion to a combo box
Here's the prior if you wanted the later then msg back
I want the clients to be the main part of the form, and then have the domain company as a control on the form. A sub form will be part of the completed DB, but it will be Invoices, not Clients. But I see why you did it that way because the way I have it the Domain table needs information before the Cleints--It's backwards!!!! That's what I can't get right!!! I want to be able to enter a client w/o having to enter a domain or pick one from the list first.
xample form using 3 tables:
Business Name (From Parent Table)
Domain Co [combo box] (bound to Lookup Table with Domain Company names)
Invoice Tabel [subform] -- I have this figured out, but I didn't put it on the example DB link to keep it simple.
The Domain Co combo box will be bound to a look up table with domain companys only (one column). I just want to be able to select from the list in the combo box, which is bound to the Domain Information table, AND be able to type new domain names in the combo box and have that entry update the Domain Information Table with a new domain name. If this can't be done, then what I would need to do is update the Domain Information lookup table first, then pick from the list. The way I want to do it would eliminate one step and make a more clean DB. Is this possible?
Anyone help me with this?
First you said
Then you said one paragraph later

You need to decide how the form will be used before you can build it or I quite cannot understand what you are after but It seems like your input forms are in a vicious circle both waiting for the other one to get data. Anyway I took another shot at it, take a look if its not what you want put some data in there to show what your trying to obtain and send it back.
You should try not to use spaces in you Database Object Names as it makes it really complex later if you have to seperate a Table / Textbox / Anything name use the under_score
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