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Our sales people want a way to have customers fill out a form, e-mail it to us, and then for us to then automate the import of this data into our database. I am already doing this with excel files, but the salespeople want it to look more "professional" than an excel file. I am a good number cruncher, but I am not great at making things look "pretty".
It this point I am just looking for ways that people out there might be doing this.
Would you use excel and then fancy it up? I can't use VBA because people will not trust a file with macros, and they will not enable the macros at startup. I don't know of a way to hide menus and other excel defaults without vba.
Odon't think anything web based is an option at this point either (except for just downloading this file I am talking about). I have zero experience with asp or other areas that could make this work, plus our host for our website will not support windows based applications (access / sql).
Any Ideas???
please attach your spreadsheet
I AM good at making things look pretty and I will see what I can do with it...
Excel is a good tool to use.
I am still in the planning stage on this one. I did not want to build it till I knew it was the direction I want to go in. I will probably take you up on this in a few weeks.
ok, I will check back when you post it...
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